The Hounds Of Cornwall 


Karen Jones

veterinary technician


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Location is now in Ottawa


Location is in Ottawa

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The Hounds Of Cornwall

by Karen Jones

veterinary technician with over 20 years experience in behaviour and health care

We understand how important your dog is! When you want them groomed whether because of vanity, cleanliness or good health prevention, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. That's exactly what we do at The Hounds Of Cornwall. Because we love dogs!

The Hounds Of Cornwall offers a multitude of services for the good, the bad, and the furrie!

0 % stress 100% love


All breeds and sizes 

Our prices start at $45 and up and as for an accurate quote it can be given at time of appointment. 

* Extra charge for de-matting or de-flea or


All breeds enjoy a therapeutic massage with bathing, a hand blow dry, relaxing facial wash, anal gland check, ears cleaned, nails trimmed smoothly, and a fur trim to your preference.

Obedience 1 on 1

Owning a dog is a gift...a glorious pleasure, it is a commitment and it is a lot more pleasurable existence with a well trained dog then one that was allowed to be a nuisance.

$25 per 30 min session

Drop in Classes are Sunday evening at 6 pm Starting August

Canine Massage & Rehabilitation

Give your dog the gift of healing touch! $25 30 min session

Cosmetic Teeth cleaning

Cost is from $25 - to $200

This process is done while your dog is completely awake and comfortable, the teeth are hand scaled clean of plaque and bacteria and hand polished smooth inside and out.

No more doggy breath !

A free sneak peak .. can be given prior, to access each dog individually for this service.

Using just patience, experience and TLC!

We brush, scale and polish teeth above the gum line, if at anytime a problem is noted the process is terminated and you will be directed to veterinaryfor evaluation.

Contact us today to schedule services or for more information.

(613) 930-2229

call or text



We are fully insured and bonded.

*We reserve the right to refuse dogs showing poor health or aggressive qualities toward humans or other dogs


*Dog Grooming

*Obedience one on one behaviour

*Canine Massage

*Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning

using just patience,  your dog is fully awake and comfortable

Pictures below show after cosmetic teeth cleaning and before